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The Al Muqtadir Group has brought a revolutionary change to the gold industry with its 0% making charge offer, benefiting customers in multiple ways.

Gold is currently experiencing a surge in rates, making it the ideal time to buy. And the best part is you can book now at 0% making charges for your wedding jewellery.

Gold embodies beauty and quality, radiating its brilliance in the minds of those who wear it. Imagine the opportunity to purchase gold at wholesale rates without making charges. Al Muqtadir Group is proud to offer you this extraordinary opportunity, brought to you by Mohammed Manzoor Abdul Salam, Founder, CEO and Managing Director of Al Muqtadir Jewelry Group.

Our mission

Are you looking for a revolution in the gold and diamond jewellery industry? Have you heard about our unique initiative called the "Happy Bride Suraksha Scheme"? This exclusive project has received an overwhelming response in Kerala.

We offer you the Happy Bride Suraksha Scheme, where you can return the gold jewellery purchased from us for wedding purposes. This enables you to generate a higher monthly income after your wedding. This exclusive project has garnered a historical response in Kerala, as it not only safeguards the gold owned by women but also serves as a valuable source of income for them. While upholding their respect and dignity.

Our vision

Our goal is to assist families in obtaining their desired jewelry from the comfort of their own home. Our team of dedicated service attendants will visit you to help you chooselection for your wedding.

You can place custom orders with us and receive prompt delivery to your front door. We offer an online jewelry store for all your upcoming special occasions, ensuring you exude style and luxury with every step. Don't settle during this pandemic, as gold remains a valuable investment for the future.

gold and black metal tool
gold and black metal tool

Our Managing Director

It has always been my aspiration to offer gold jewellery, such as Antique, Chettinad, and un-cut diamond jewellery, at the most affordable prices to the general public. Pursuing this goal, I embarked on a journey to visit renowned gold industry centres worldwide.

I carefully selected the highest quality and purest gold available. Subsequently, we established a jewellery manufacturing plant to ensure exceptional quality and purity. Through this endeavour, we have successfully brought about a revolutionary change by reducing labour costs associated with such jewellery.Manag

Mohamed Manzoor Abdul Salam

Founder, Chairman & CEO, Al Muqtadir Gold and Diamond Group - Manufacturing and Wholesale